The Gathering... | IC Rules

IC Behavior Rules

Swearing (cursing, vulgarities, whatever you are accustomed to calling words that are not for use in polite company) is allowed, but do so in moderation. Again, this calls for common sense. Do NOT swear in a manner that insults other OOC players: this is considered harassment and is not acceptable.

A player who has gone LD (Link-dead) or AFK (Away-From-Keyboard) should be considered nonexistent in an IC sense. Do not steal from, PK (Player-Kill), or otherwise negatively impact a character that is LD or AFK. (see help linkdead)

While we realize that not all Gathering players use English as their primary language, we ask that you use English to converse when you are speaking IC. This makes communication easier for most players and allows the language system to work correctly: if two characters are speaking Demonic, but one is speaking Japanese and the other is speaking English, they aren't really speaking the same language, are they? To keep things clear, English is the baseline language for the IC world. (see help rp-policy)

Do not summon or otherwise draw aggressive mobs to the main city plazas or cast utterdark in them, as these actions are potentially lethal to low level characters and can be confusing to new players. If you want to RP with these elements, do it in a less populated area.