The Gathering... | Staff Rules

Staff Rules

1) No harassing players
2) No immortal favoritism
3) No loading eq/potions/money etc for players.
4) No aiding in leveling, or PK
5) No spying on mortals without either a good RP reason behind it, or they are suspected of breaking rules.
6) Do not entrap players into breaking rules.
7) No Going out of your way to harm others RP, avoid it if you can.
8) Obey the Mortal rules and any religion rules you might be apart of.
9) No changing the stats on mortals.
10) Don't annoy the admin staff asking to be promoted or gaining access to commands you do not have.
11) Only ADMIN can dole out punishments. If there is an issue you witness, please note to ADMIN with a log of said issue with a briefing of the situation.
12) Immortals should never be bored, and if they are, shouldn't let non-immortals know.
13) If a mortal shows that you've offended them in some way, do not argue the issue with them. Drop it immediately. If it persists, note to ADMIN of the situation so that we may deal with it properly.
14) You may play mortal characters, but they should get no special treatment with the exception of being able to use immtalk.
15) Please run all large-scale RP storylines by Head of RP to ensure for the continuity of the storyline with past events and RPs.
16) Do not reveal the identity of any mortal to any mortals. This especially includes revealing to the playerbase that your mortal is played by someone who is an imm, or another imms mortal is played by an imm.
17) Imms may log up to 2 mortals at a time, along with their Imm alt. However, this does not mean that you are able to multiplay. This includes the general rping of your Alts together on a large scale. A amount of RP together is allowed, but farming XP through RP is not. To put it simple, your alt should in NO WAY benefit the other alt in any way, shape, form, or fashion. This is including, but not limited to, items, gold/silver, rpxp. If you are caught doing so, your privledge to multilog will be revoked.
18) Do not transfer mortals around for them to save them having to travel there themselves unless gathering them together for a global event.
19) Do not get equipment for other mortals.
20) Dont attempt to compenstate mortals for accidental deaths caused by an imm (i.e. moot them back the xp and set their karns back up by one.) You can get their corpse and stuff, then write a note to admin and the admin will fix them up. This includes the compensation for OOC pkills. There are many reasons for this policy the main one being that if the admin deal with it, then it will be dealt with in a consistant way. But other reasons include other more minor points like mooting their xp back increases their RPS as well as XP.
21) All quest rewards if a new or modified object must be approved by ADMIN prior to giving the item to the recipient. The procedure for doing this is creating the quest reward, writing an inote to ADMIN, then the appropriate parties writing an inote back stating the response (these inotes could also be cc'ed to rp). Using this system means everyone is aware of what is happening and we don't get mystery objects appearing in the game. note: the only exception to this rule is if the only modifications to an existing object is in the form of it being restrung or the new item is of type trash.
22) Immortals must keep up-to date on all Inotes, News, and Changes. Do not log on and make any changes that can affect mortals without first being current on all information.
23) Remember at all times we are a team, be considerate of each other. If you have a problem with how another imm is behaving, speak with them about it (if you feel confident enough to do so), Otherwise speak with the person in charge of the council they mainly work in or to ADMIN.

Above all, you should play your mortals with a higher standard of honor and doubly obey any rules, even if your alts are secret, for you represent the face of the mud. Infringements occurring while on a mortal WILL have consequences for your imm too.

Trellan is not allowed to leave/quit the mud for any reason. | Kedanna is not allowed to leave/quit the mud for any reason.