The Gathering... | Sex Rules

Sex Rules

No character under the IC age of 14 is allowed to have ANY form of sex. This means that if your character is the age of 1-13 years of age In Character, then they are not to have sex. Ages 14 and up only. Your personal preference in the matter is irrelevant: this rule is in place for a reason. Respect it. Also, this rule IS NOT WAIVED by the underage character's consent!

Additionally, if YOU are under 18, you are NOT allowed to do any sort of sexual RP! Wait until you're of legal age. If you are caught doing so, there will be consequences to your actions.

Never sexually harass anyone! (If the harassment is consensual, don't do it in public, as others may still be offended by it.) This includes IC and OOC harassment: don’t try to molest or rape another character IC if that player does not wish it to occur. Likewise, don’t harass the player directly in OOC channels or tells: it will not be tolerated.

Keep possibly offensive kinks out of popular public areas, such as city plazas. This includes most of the "harder" kinks such as IC-rape, bloodletting/mutilation, heavy bondage and S/M, incest, and the various forms of bathroom play, among others. (Yet another time when common sense is important to have on hand.)

Sex is not allowed in any form or fashion within Dragondale Square, or publicly within the cities itself.

Also, please do not advertise your character as 'rape' material on open channels. If you wish to advise of this information, please limit this exchange to tells alone.

Keep in mind that those who partake in ANY form of sexual rp (SRP), should be asking and revealing their true real life age to the person(s) they are engaging in such RP with via tells. This is an adult mud and those under 18 are again, NOT allowed to do any sort of sexual RP.