The Gathering... | PK Rules

PK Rules

Here at The Gathering... we have pkill (or player killing) enabled. While it is a feature, pkills are not taken lightly. There is a list of rules for it and these can be found in (help pk-rules) and (help pk-reason). Player killing works much like mob killing, with attacks and spells, skill usage and everything that goes along with combat. Unlike mob fighting though, every pkill must have an IC reason behind it, and after every pkill ALL parties involved must write a pknote within 2 hours of the pkill.

Everyone begins at character creation with a peaceful status, and will not be pkable until they either go active (help active) or join a religion. If you wish to join or remain in a religion, or if you're active and wish to no longer partake in pkilling, you may obtain a tattoo of serenity from the questmaster. This will protect you from pkilling, but if your character does things to ICly deserve PK and you're hiding behind serenity, the immortals might flag you as unprotected, which will override your serenity and allow you to be pkilled.

Once you are pkilled, your corpse will remain at the pkill location, and will not be moved to the morgue. If this is the characters last death, the killer may loot your corpse of equipment. Quest items, babies and items from the divine armory are protected from looting.

The exception to the required pknotes, and an exception to pk in general are arena rooms. These are rooms with a special flag (not just the word 'arena' in the room name), and in these rooms, pk will last until one of the players reaches 0 hp, and then the fighting will stop and the defeated player will have 1 hp returned. This type of arena combat does not require any reasoning or pk noting, unless the pk actively interferes with rp going on in the room.

Whether actual pkilling, or arena pkilling, there is a 20 level difference range. Meaning you cannot pkill someone more than 20 levels lower, or 20 levels higher than you are.

When pkilling, it will not count as an IC death unless all parties agree ahead of time that it could result in an IC kill, just as with roleplay fights. If this is the case and it is an IC kill, please include that information in your pknote.